Precision lifestyle through metabolic fine-tuning

Meet the adipocyte

Adipocytes, or fat cells, are amazing little things. They store energy when we eat too much and release it when we need it later.

Yes, they also tend to accumulate around our waists. And excess fat can put us at risk for many diseases. But other times, they're not there when we need them most. Like in the final stages of cancer.

Adipocyte activation

Adipocytes also keep us warm. Instead of offering fuel to other tissues, they can burn the calories they've stored and generate heat.

At Adipotech we're figuring out how to turn this dial up or down to fine-tune the balance between storing and burning extra calories.

To store or to burn?

The decision to store or burn fuel depends on many factors, both internal and external.

If you're living in an isolated cabin, the weather will change how much fuel you burn. But so will your outlook on future events.

We're all different

Adipocytes also respond to many factors: diet, activity, temperature, stress, inflammation... And they are genetically programmed to make the call.

Everyone's fat cells are programmed differently. This explains why, even though we're all exposed to the same kinds of food, some gain weight and others don't.

The Adipotype

There's no universal solution for weight management. What has worked for someone else will probably not work for us.

But knowledge is power. Just like we all have a bloodtype, we also have an Adipotype. Understanding our own biology is the first step in taking charge, and not letting our fat cells decide for us.

Finding our true forms

Our goals are health and acceptance. We want to re-discover what our bodies naturally look like in the absence of artificial external influences.

How would our bodies have felt before the global diet changed in the 1970s? More importantly, what bodies do we want to inhabit in the future?